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Gift Ideas for Teenagers: Girls

Teenaged girls can be challenging to buy for, but below are some ideas

Finding the right present for someone's birthday is a daunting task. Add a teenage girl to the mix and many parents and friends can be lost completely on what to buy. An 18th birthday is an important milestone in a young girl's life, and choosing the right present shows support and thoughtfulness. These ideas cover all prices ranges and interests, from video gaming to clothes. Find the perfect gift idea no matter what type of girl you're shopping for.


Parents and grandparents might consider the latest trends in technology when shopping for an eighteen year old girl. If the girl is leaving for college, an electronic planner or a new cell phone is the perfect present for both a birthday and a graduation present rolled into one. A laptop is another idea, though the prices for these are much higher. If a laptop is too expensive, but the teenager could use a new computer system or their first computer, a desktop is several hundred dollars cheaper and provides all the necessary features (except portability, of course!).

For cheaper ideas, accessories such as cell phone cases or laptop cases won't break the bank but are useful if a teen already has a phone or laptop. Cell phone charms and covers along with wireless computer mice make useful gifts that can be bought for under twenty dollars.

Jewelry and Clothing

Everyone wants to look good, and clothing or jewelry provides a nice gift for an eighteen year old girl. The price range ranges from cheap to expensive, allowing the buyer to choose what amount they're comfortable spending. Clothing can be bought on clearance from brand name stores, and the colors available will be those in style this season, so there's no need to worry about finding out what all the kids are wearing. If it's too hard to choose clothing, or find out the girl's size, simple jewelry makes an elegant present. Choose silver or gold and shop at a store aimed towards teenagers, such as a clothing store in the mall.


Find out what hobbies she has. If she's interested in video games or reading, choose a book or game to buy. Ask a store associate what is popular among girls in that age group. Used books and games can be bought cheaply and still be in excellent condition. A scrapbook kit or a craft kit such as a jewelry making kit can be purchased as a present when it's hard to find out what hobbies the teenager likes. These kits come with everything a person needs to get started, so it won't matter if the person has ever tried the hobby before or not. This is a perfect way to give a cheaply priced gift that still has some thought behind it.

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