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Article:    Garfield the Movie


Garfield The Movie

Although it boasts comedy that won't offend parents or children, Garfield the Movie isn't the most memorable children's film. We couldn't help feeling a little disappointed. Compared to many kids' movies, Garfield has fewer "laugh out loud" moments.

The humor and situations are quite "clean", with Garfield's sarcasm perhaps less biting than that found in the comic strip. Garfield is the only completely CGI animated animal in the movie, and is voiced by Bill Murray--probably an apt choice. His love of food and general laziness is played up for many of the film's laughs.

Although Garfield remains the lasagna-loving, lazy cat we all know, many elements of the comic strip were not transferred well to the movie. Nermal fans might be disappointed with his portrayal. Not only are his appearances brief, his character is off the mark. In the comic strip, Nermal is pegged "the cutest cat in the world", while in the movie, he is far from that. Jon isn't quite the dorky character with the bad wardrobe, and Liz (the veterinarian) returns his affections--in the comic strip, his infatuation is unrequited.

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The plot of the movie centers around Jon's adoption of Odie the dog, and Garfield's fears that he is no longer the center of Jon's world. This is actually an apt story line for the intended audience, as it reminds us of issues surrounding children when a new sibling arrives in the home. Odie is dog-napped by a down-and-out television host looking for a new sensation and a boost to his career. It's up to Garfield to save the day, especially since he was the one who locked Odie out of the house for the night. 

As already noted, of all the characters, Garfield remains truest to the comic strip. Garfield outsmarts dogs (although they help him out in the end), hates Mondays, dances with Odie to the Black Eyed Pea's "Hey Mama", sings the blues, flushes the toilet when Jon's in the shower, and barely makes it up onto Jon's bed due to his "full figure".

Garfield the Movie boasts clean humor, intriguing animation, and a decent, uncomplicated storyline. It's a straightforward kids' movie that doesn't work too hard at pleasing the parents.


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coverJust released June 29, 2004, Garfield As Himself is a fantastic DVD for Garfield fans. The DVDs include three prime-time Garfield cartoon specials: Here Comes Garfield, Garfield on the Town, and Garfield Gets a Life. This DVD is a treat!

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