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Article:    Software Games Starring Girls 

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If you're looking for software games that feature girls as main characters, you have plenty to choose from. From Barbie to Dora to Nancy Drew, female "leads" abound in the children's software industry.

While some titles perpetuate the all too common dress-up theme, others feature roles that break the stereotypes. Best yet, there are games that don't go in either direction. This latter "middle ground" is the most refreshing (titles that go to neither extreme). Still, we feature titles from all categories here.

coverNancy Drew titles are exciting and challenging mystery adventures that are a must for older children, approximately 11-12 and up. In these detailed and engrossing mystery-adventure software games, children get the opportunity to step into teen sleuth Nancy Drew's shoes as she investigates such things as a disturbing theft at a museum, mysterious happenings in an old castle, and more. She interviews mysterious characters and solves plenty of logic puzzles as she collects clues that will ultimately lead her to exposing the culprit. The latest Nancy Drew CD-ROMs are exciting, challenging, and involving. Kids will relish the chance to play detective. [Titles include Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch, Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand, Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel, Nancy Drew Danger on Deception Island]

coverMy Scene CD-ROM was very difficult for me to review. Why? Its superficiality almost offended me, but at the same time, the program is deep in terms of content. The game stars the more "hip and happening" My Scene Barbie dolls. These dolls have much appeal to older Barbie fans. In fact, several children I know who had outgrown Barbie returned to collecting dolls when the My Scene Barbie dolls were released. The game itself features quite a few activities that are not only fun, they are educational. However, there is a mismatch here, because most children who love the dolls are not old enough for the teen banter in the game. Some of us feel that nobody is old enough! The CD-ROM is largely about shopping for twelve weekend events. Children move Chelsea, Madison, and Barbie through different areas of the city, finding the items they need. As they move through the streets, they meet "cute boys", take quizzes, answer their cell phones, and so forth. Note that kids need to know how to read in order to enjoy the title. See our full review of My Scene CD-ROM. [Buy My Scene at for approximately $19.99 US]

Barbie Games

Of the many Barbie software games on the market, the higher rated ones here at Edutaining Kids include Barbie Beauty Boutique, Barbie of Swan Lake, and Barbie Horse Adventures. If you can still find it, Barbie Pet Rescue is our favorite to date. This title requires some thinking skills, and features wonderfully rich graphics. The pets are especially easy on the eyes—very cute. [Look for Barbie Pet Rescue at] 

For younger fans, Kelly Club Pet Parade has some merit. Preschoolers should enjoy playing along with Kelly and her friends in her clubhouse. [Buy Kelly Club Pet Parade at]


Powerpuff Girls games by the Learning Company are very cute, and quite educational. These "Learning Challenges" offer kids peppy and fun characters on missions to save the world, and plenty of opportunities to give their brains a workout at the same time. [Buy The Powerpuff Girls Learning Challenge: Mojo Jojo's Clone Zone and The Powerpuff Girls Learning Challenge 2: Princess Snorebucks at]


If you're looking for an engaging game for your daughter, and you're not specifically concerned about purchasing one that stars female characters, try out our favorite educational game for both boys and girls: Zoombinis Logical Journey. This one is pleasantly addictive, appeals to both boys and girls equally, and is an excellent exercise in logical thinking skills!


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Barbie - Ballerina
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