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Article:    Crazy About Daisy: "Daisy" Books

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Every now and again, one happens upon a picture book that captures the attention in warm and delightful ways. Whether you discover any of the picture books in the Daisy series--or your child does--you're sure to be charmed. 

Jane Simmons is both author and illustrator of this special series featuring the adventures of a little yellow duck with big orange feet. The themes of the books are often simple, and always heartwarming. Simmons brings Daisy's world to life with illustrations that are at once vibrant and gentle. There's a wispy and soft style to the oil paintings that make Daisy genuine and cozy. 

The illustrations are, no doubt, exceptional, and the stories are pleasing as well. Gentle dramas, loving exchanges, and comforting conclusions are highlighted. Daisy is a curious and determined little duck who is sure to win the hearts of little readers.

Daisy's first appearance in print was in the delightful "Come Along Daisy!". Daisy is easily distracted--by birds, frogs, and the like--on an outing with Mama, despite Mama's many pleas for him to stay at her side. Things get a little scary when her curiosity gets the best of her, and she loses her Mama. Daisy learns a gentle lesson--and young readers might too--that leads her to continue to explore, but within a safe and comfortable distance from her mother.

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In Quack Daisy Quack! Daisy learns that there is a time for "quiet" and there is a time for "loud". For instance, when she wants to get up close to some bumblebees at Aunt Lilly's house, she has to learn to be quiet. But when she's lost her mama among a whole flock of ducks, it's time to quack with all her might! The illustrations in this book are especially rich and vibrant.

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Children preparing for the birth of a sibling might especially cozy up to Daisy and the Egg, although this is a story most any preschooler should enjoy. Daisy is not only expecting new cousins, she's also getting ready for a new sibling. In the end, she has a new baby brother named Pip. There are slightly unusual elements in the story that are actually quite unique. For example, Daisy's Aunt is sitting on Mama's egg for her. When Mama's egg doesn't hatch, she tells Daisy that "sometimes eggs don't hatch". It is Daisy's determination to hatch the egg that wins the day.  

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"First Daisy Books" are slightly oversized board books that are ideal for children's book shelves. These feature the same stunning artwork and gentle stories in more durable toddler-friendly formats. Daisy's Favorite Things lets young children in on Daisy's favorite activities (dancing with butterflies, swimming with the fishes, hopping with the frogs), not the least of which is sleeping under Mama Duck's "soft, warm wing". Other titles include Go to Sleep, Daisy, Daisy's Day Out, and Daisy Says Coo!.  

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Daisy Books are published by Little, Brown and Company, an AOL Time Warner Book Group Company.


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September 2002