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Chicken Little - The Movie, Games, and Toys

Chicken Little - Movie

The story begins on the day when "everything took a turn for the worse". Chicken Little's declaration that the sky was falling caused a chain reaction of chaotic events in the little town inhabited by animals. After it was decided that it was "gibberish of an insane person", and Chicken Little's father apologizes for his son's "embarrassing" behavior, the poor little guy is picked on incessantly. "Picked on" was, in fact, a huge understatement. There were books, papers, commemorative plates, and web sites dedicated to Chicken Little's "faux pas". 

Chicken LittleChicken Little's father, who was once a baseball star (Buck "Ace" Cluck), is painfully embarrassed of his own son. He tells him to "lay low". In their rejection of Chicken Little, the town is exaggeratedly abusive. The gym teacher at his school, for example, divides the class into "popular versus unpopular" teams for dodgeball.

Chicken Little has a few buddies. Although they're definitely not as unpopular as he is, they are certainly in the "outcast" crowd: Runt of the Litter is a huge, cowardly, karaoke-loving pig; Abby is the Ugly Duckling, a bookish duck who cares a lot for Chicken Little; and Fish Out of Water, a naively optimistic fish who speaks gibberish simply because his head is immersed in a bowl of water.

Chicken Little is determined to prove himself to his father, and feels that all he needs is a chance to do something heroic in order to make up for the whole "sky is falling" incident. He gets that opportunity, and has a fun but brief reconciliation with his father before once again he witnesses a "piece of the sky" falling, meets with aliens, and feels the need to ring the town's bell to warn its residents. This time around, he's not only crying out that the sky is falling, but that aliens are invading Earth as well.

The father's sense of inadequacy is apparent, especially as we learn that his wife is presumably deceased, and he admits that she would have known how to handle the whole situation.

The movie pokes fun at itself frequently. Cute little touches include characters deciding how to open the movie, and the final scene, in which a glorified Hollywood movie is made of the whole story a year after it took place. The mayor of this town is a turkey in more ways than just literally, and Runt, the over-sized pig, curses his "genetically tiny legs".

Themes & Language: Some parents will find a few themes questionable. For example, Chicken Little's father makes a big turnaround from discouraging and disbelieving his son to believing in him unfailingly, even as he is taking some out-of-this world safety risks. There's not much moderation here.

Character Development: Chicken Little's buddies are hilarious, well-developed characters who are "outcasts". Kids loved Fish Out of Water most.


Bottom Line: Chicken Little

The movie is high-energy, fast-paced, and very humorous. It's a crowd pleaser, appealing to both adults and kids.

Best For: Children old enough to handle the sometimes dramatic action, approximately 7 and up.

Movie Rating: A

Reviewed: November 2005

Chicken Little - Games

Chicken Little for the XBox features plenty of clips from the movie, three challenge levels, and a whole variety of games within the adventure. Like the movie, it pokes fun at itself and at merchandising. For example, mechanical Chicken Little Toys, who repeat "the sky is falling" over and over again, are enemies. The game is holding the interest of our 9 year old testers. Also available for the PS2, Gamecube, GBA, and the PC.

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