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Article:    Get Hopping with All-New Reader Rabbit Software

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Reader Rabbit has been teaching kids to read, spell, do math, and develop their thinking skills for years. This year, a brand new series of story-based games for grade-based learning and fun has been released. Reader and his faithful friend Sam the Lion sport an updated look, and their adventures are more exciting than ever. One thing remains the same -- excellent educational content is incorporated into these spirited stories, and lots of it.

Edutainment at its best

New titles target preschoolers to second-graders, and their focus is as much on fun as it is on teaching and reinforcing valuable grade school skills. Opening videos for each game are even more graphically stunning than Saturday morning cartoons, and they have similar appeal. The stories presented are rich and involving. As children progress through the adventure, plot twists keep kids engaged.

Thoughtful Design

All titles in the series are exceptionally designed, with features that make it easy for children with different skill levels to enjoy the game. The programs monitor each individual player's progress in each subject area, then seamlessly adjust the learning challenges accordingly. Parents and children can set the difficulty levels manually, but the auto adjustment feature is so well done, it may not be necessary. 

Rescuing Stars and Dreamships

Reader Rabbit Preschool Sparkle Star Rescue is the weakest title of the bunch, yet is valuable nonetheless. Kids need to restore the sparkle to the Land of Sparkalot by playing games that involve counting, color and shape recognition, matching, and early phonics. The only problem with this title is that the educational activities range from very easy to very difficult for most preschoolers.

Reader Rabbit Kindergarten Bounce Down in Balloon Town draws kids in with vivid visuals and a story line that kids simply cannot resist. Through the adventure, children strengthen phonics skills, work with patterns, and identify rhymes, amongst other things. 

First graders will adore perhaps the best title in the series, Reader Rabbit 1st Grade Capers on Cloud Nine. They must get to the bottom of an odd problem -- it's raining rain gear! Children explore Cloud Nine and an unusual island, play original and challenging educational activities along the way, and eventually save the day.

Reader has been cheesed!

The series' second grade title is goofy and fun, and challenging too. In Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship Adventure, the gang's Dreamship has been ambushed and Reader finds himself on a cheesy mountain. He is faced with plenty of challenges as he climbs the mountain in an attempt to win back his ship from the nasty Pie-rats. Kids practice spelling, build math equations, and follow directions all the way to the top of the mountain, where even more learning challenges await. One of the best activities provides cross-curricular skills practice through a series of puzzles to decode. Here, kids work with telling time, sentence building, and geometric shape recognition. 

Challenging Educational Content

Parents should be aware that none of these titles are easy for children just entering the featured grade level. In fact, each title is probably best used as a review of the grade. However, as long as parents are willing to be on hand to give kids a hand from time to time, the challenge offered may be quite welcome. In fact, the games are so fun that kids are unlikely to give up before they save the day. Parents and children alike will be pleased with the series. 


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