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Cheats:    Pokemon: Ruby Version/Sapphire Version for GameBoy Advance

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The following list is a work-in-progress. Use it to find out where to locate Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Note that (R) stands for Ruby and (S) stands for Sapphire.


Treecko/ Route 101 (Only one)
Grovyle/ Evolve level 16
Sceptile/ Evolve level 36

Torchic/ Route 101 (Only one)
Combusken/ Evolve level 16
Blaziken/ Evolve level 36

Mudkip/ Route 101 (Only one)
Marshtomp/ Evolve level 16
Swampert/ Evolve level 36

Poochyena/ Route 101, 102, 103
Mightyena/ Evolve level 18

Zigzagoon/ Everywhere but water and route 111, 112, 113, 114, 115
Linoone/ Evolve level 20, route 119, 120

Wurmple/ Route 101, 102, 104 and Petalburg Woods
Silcoon/ Evolve level 7 (day), Petalburg Woods
Beautifly/ Evolve level 10
Cascoon/ Evolve from Wurmple level 7 (night), Petalburg Woods
Dustox/ Evolve level 10

Lotad/ Route 102, 114 (S)
Lombre/ Evolve level 14, route 114
Ludicolo/ Evolve with water stone

Seedot/ Route 102, 114 (R)
Nuzleaf/ Evolve level 14, route 114
Shiftry/ Evolve with leaf stone

Taillow/ Route 104, 115, 116
Swellow/ Evolve level 20, route 115

Wingull/ Water and most of land
Pelliper/ Evolve level? Same as Wingull

Ralts/ Route 102
Kirlia/ Evolve level 20
Gardevoir/ Evolve level 30

Surskit/ Route 102, 111, 114, 117, 120
Masquerain/ Evolve level?

Shroomish/ Petalburg Woods
Breloom/ Evolve level 23

Slakoth/ Petalburg Woods
Vigoroth/ Evolve level 18
Slaking/ Evolve level 36

Abra/ Granite Cave
Kadabra/ Evolve level 16
Alakazam/ Evolve by trading

Nincada/ Route 116
Ninjask/ Evolve level 20
Shedinja/ Evolve a Nincada with 5 or less Pokemon

Whismur/ Route 116, Rusturf Tunnel, Victory Road
Loudred/ Evolve level 20, Victory Road
Exploud/ Evolve level 40

Makuhita/ Granite Cave, Victory Road, Trade for Slakoth in Rustboro
Hariyama/ Evolve level 24, Victory Road

Goldeen/ Route 102, 111, 114, 117, 120, Safari Zone, Meteor Falls, Victory Road
Seaking/ Evolve level 33, Safari Zone

Magikarp/ Everywhere with water
Gyarados/ Evolve level 20, Sootopolis

Azurill/ Breed Marill, one has Sea Incense
Marill/ Evolve by friendship, route 102, 111, 114, 117, 120
Azumarill/ Evolve level 18

Geodude/ Route 111, 114, Granite Cave, Safari Zone, Victory Road (Rock Smash)
Graveler/ Evolve level 24, Victory Road (Rock Smash)
Golem/ Evolve by trading

Nosepass/ Granite Cave (Rock Smash)

Skitty/ Route 116, trade for Pikachu in Fortree
Delcatty/ Evolve by moon stone 

Zubat/ All caves
Golbat/ Evolve level ,most caves
Crobat/ Evolve by friendship

Tentacool/ Water
Tentacruel/ Evolve level ,Abandoned Ship

Sableye/ Granite Cave, Sootopolis, Victory Road, Sky Pillar (S)

Mawile/ Same as Sableye (R)

Aron/ Granite Cave, Victory Road
Lairon/ Evolve level 32, Victory Road
Aggron/ Evolve level 42

Machop/ Route 112, Fiery Path, Jagged Pass
Machoke/ Evolve level 28
Machamp/ Evolve by trading

Meditite/ Mt. Pyre, Victory Road
Medicham/ Evolve level 37, Victory Road

Electrike/ Route 110, 118
Manectric/ Evolve level 30, route 118

Plusle/ Route 110

Minun/ Route 110

Magnemite/ New Mauville
Magneton/ Evolve level 30, New Mauville

Voltorb/ New Mauville
Electrode/ Evolve level 30, New Mauville

Volbeat/ Route 117

Illumise/ Route 117

Oddish/ Route 110, 117, 119, 120, 121, 123, Safari Zone
Gloom/ Evolve level 21, route 121, 123, Safari Zone
Vileplume/ Evolve from Gloom using leaf stone
Bellossom/ Evolve from Gloom using sun stone

Doduo/ Safari Zone
Dodrio/ Evolve level 32, Safari Zone

Roselia/ Route 117

Gulpin/ Route 110
Swalot/ Evolve level 26

Carvanha/ Route 118, 119
Sharpedo/ Evolve level, route 102, 118, 122, most water

Wailmer/ Route 102, 110, 115, 121, 122, 123, Lilycove, all water
Wailord/ Evolve level 40, route 129

Numel/ Route 112, Fiery Path, Jagged Pass
Camerupt/ Evolve level 33

Slugma/ Fiery Path
Magcargo/ Evolve level 40

Torkoal/ Fiery Path

Grimer/ Fiery Path
Muk/ Evolve level 38

Koffing/ Fiery Path
Weezing/ Evolve level 

Spoink/ Jagged Pass
Grumpig/ Evolve level 32

Sandshrew/ Route 111, 113
Sandslash/ Evolve level 22

Spinda/ Route 113

Skarmory/ Route 113

Trapinch/ Route 111
Vibrava/ Evolve level 35
Flygon/ Evolve level 45

Cacnea/ Route 111
Cacturne/ Evolve level

Swablu/ Route 114, 115
Altaria/ Evolve level 35, Sky Pillar

Zangoose/ Route 114 (R)

Seviper/ Route 114 (S)

Lunatone/ Meteor Falls (S)

Solrock/ Meteor Falls (R)

Barboach/ Route 111, 114, 120, Meteor Falls, Victory Road
Whiscash/ Evolve level, Meteor Falls, Victory Road

Corphish/ Route 102, 117
Crawdaunt/ Evolve level

Baltoy/ Route 111
Claydol/ Evolve level 36, Sky Pillar

Lileep/ Regenerate Root Fossil from desert (Only one)
Cradily/ Evolve level 40

Anorith/ Regenerate Claw Fossil from desert (Only one)
Armaldo/ Evolve level 40

Igglybuff/ Breed two Jigglypuff
Jigglypuff/ Evolve by friendship, route 115
Wigglytuff/ Evolve by moon stone

Feebas/ Route 119
Milotic/ Evolve by beauty

Castform/ Beat Team Aqua/Magma in weather institute (Only one)

Staryu/ Lilycove
Starmie/ Evolve by water stone

Kecleon/ Route 119, 120 (Some are invisible and require the Devon Scope)

Shuppet/ Mt. Pyre (Route 121 also in sapphire)
Banette/ Evolve level 37 (Sky Pillar in sapphire)

Duskull/ Mt. Pyre (Route 121 also in ruby)
Dusclops/ Evolve level 37 (Sky Pillar in ruby)

Tropius/ Route 119

Chimecho/ Mt. Pyre summit

Absol/ Route 120

Vulpix/ Mt. Pyre summit
Ninetales/ Evolve by fire stone

Pichu/ Breed two Pikachu
Pikachu/ Safari Zone
Raichu/ Evolve by thunder stone

Psyduck/ Safari Zone
Golduck/ Evolve level 33, Safari Zone

Wynaut/ Mirage Island, old lady in Lavaridge, breed Wobbuffet (One holds Lax Incense)
Wobbuffet/ Evolve by friendship, Safari Zone

Natu/ Safari Zone
Xatu/ Evolve level, Safari Zone

Girafarig/ Safari Zone

Phanpy/ Safari Zone
Donphan/ Evolve level

Pinsir/ Safari Zone

Heracross/ Safari Zone

Rhyhorn/ Safari Zone
Rhydon/ Evolve level 42

Snorunt/ Shoal Cave
Glalie/ Evolve level 42

Spheal/ Shoal Cave
Sealeo/ Evolve level 32
Walrein/ Evolve level 44

Clamperl/ Underwater
Huntail/ Evolve by trading with Deep Sea Scale
Gorebyss/ Evolve from Clamperl by trading with Deed Sea Tooth

Relicanth/ Underwater

Chinchou/ Underwater
Lanturn/ Evolve level

Luvdisc/ Route 128, Ever Grande

Horsea/ Route 132, 133, 134
Seadra/ Evolve level
Kingdra/ Evolve by trading with Dragon Scale

Bagon/ Meteor Falls
Shelgon/ Evolve level 30
Salamence/ Evolve level 50]

Beldum/ Stevenís house after beating Pokemon League (Only one)
Metang/ Evolve level 20
Metagross/ Evolve level 45

Latias/ Random after beating Pokemon League (S) (Only one)

Latios/ Random after beating Pokemon League (R) (Only one)

Kyogre/ Cave of Origin (S) (Only one)

Groudon/ Cave of Origin (R) (Only one)

Rayquaza/ Sky Pillar (Only one)


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  • Multi-layered and rich gameplay.
  • Very involving game that requires strategy and concentration
  • Strong graphics, large appeal.




For Nintendo Gameboy Advance By: Nintendo  Ages: 8-up  Published: 2003







See also: Our review of the new Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen games for the Gameboy Advance



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