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Here, in the game for the first lesson, children must listen to the notes on the staff to find one that matches the blue note.  Lesson three is all about beat and tempo, and children learn to identify the beat of the song with a bouncing ball.



Children listen to classical music excerpts to determine its tempo. They learn the Italian terms for different tempo, such as "vivace" and "largo".


This is the program's Music Doodle Pad--a free-play musical composition tool. The piano at the bottom of the screen plays along to the music.



This lesson acquaints children with the notes on the treble staff.


Kids listen to the trumpet's tune and then find the matching musical notation.


Here, Maestro Max informs the player that he/she was late playing one of the notes. Children simply try again until they get it right.


In this game, children find and click on the requested note.


This advanced lesson teaches children about major scales.


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The First Piano Lesson
The First Piano
Muenier, Jules A.
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