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More Screenshots:    Math Missions Grades K-2: The Race to Spectacle City Arcade

Kids are treated to a fun introductory video featuring the founder of Spectacle City, Horton Spectacle, who briefs players about their mission to save the city from financial problems--through math skills, of course! 


Children enter the toy store and are greeted by a clerk who needs help filling toy orders. As they help out, they practice skills in place value.


Some rather unprofessional construction workers left window panes and walls unfinished at the World "Piece" Building. Kids work with pattern tiles (on harder levels, they must flip and rotate tiles) in order to clean up the mess. 


Animals need to be sorted at the pet store, Creature Comforts. This screen shows the activity at the "hard" level. 


Children place seafood items onto a scale at the pier. They must enter the total weight using numbers on the keyboard. 


How many strawberries measure the same length as one pepper? Kids work with measurement (including the concepts of "longer" and "shorter") in this fun activity found at the pier.

Before riding the city's ferry, kids need to help fix the broken clock. In this case, the ferry clock is behind by half an hour. 


Exact change only on this bus! Kids exercise money recognition and money math skills in order to navigate through Spectacle City! 


For more information and/or to buy, follow this link: Math Mission K-2 With Bonus Card Game (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade) (DVD Box)



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For Windows/Mac By: Scholastic  Ages 5-8 Published: 2003


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