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More Screenshots:    Math Missions Grades 3-5: The Amazing Arcade Adventure

Kids are treated to a fun intro in which they learn about Horton Spectacle and his plans to make Spectacle City the greatest city in the world! 


Randall Underling has other plans, however! He would rather see the city ruined!


Some rather unprofessional construction workers left window panes and walls unfinished at the World "Piece" Building. Kids work with pattern tiles (they often need to flip and rotate tiles) in order to complete the work. Very clever activity!


Kids fill candy orders at the pier. They need to fill the boxes with specific combinations of candy using fractions. 


Exact change only on this bus! Kids work with money math and a fair dose of logic whenever they need to ride the bus to a different part of the city. 


Kids are sent on mini treasure hunts as they periodically help out Horton. They need to find the answers around the city--the answers might be on a sign at the pier, for example.

One of many fun surprises in the game, children can see their progress through fun headlines in the Daily Spectacle newspaper. 


The biggest reward for kids' efforts is the chance to own and manage their very own arcade! Of course, they can play the arcade games as well. 


For more information and/or to buy, follow this link: Math Mission 3-5 With Bonus Card Game (3rd - 5th Grade) (DVD Box)



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For Windows/Mac By: Scholastic  Ages 5-8 Published: 2003


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