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Kelly and her favorite stuffed animal, Butterscotch welcome kids to her clubhouse... ...and offer them an animal bracelet with their name and Kelly's to print out.


Plenty of dress-up activities are part of the game. Here, children dress Kelly in costume for the upcoming pet parade, with her pet, Butterscotch, at her side.


This is an original activity--painting Emmy Elephant's toenails! Kids add nail polish and then stickers to the elephant's toes.
Emmy Elephant's toenails look smashing! She's ready for the parade.


Kids direct Chelsea, who is riding PJ Pony, through hoops and over fences in preparation for the parade.
After PJ Pony chased butterflies, she is dirty and messy. Kids run a brush over her body in order to help clean her up.


After helping Butterscotch the puppy practice bouncing a beach ball at the beach, kids get to feed the pup bones.
Tommy dresses in costume too! Kids select his ski suit, boots, hat, and then select accessories and props to help ready him for the parade. He'll be riding on the polar bear float.


Once the parade floats are decorated, kids can enjoy their parade, adding bursts of hearts, stars, and flowers to the fancy production.


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For Windows/Mac By: Knowledge Adventure  Ages 3-6 Published: 2002


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