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More Screenshots:    Dora the Explorer Lost City Adventure

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Children choose the color of, and decorate, a treasure chest bearing their name. Along the forest path, kids are introduced to the idea of collecting twinkling stars.


After meeting with Pirate Pig, kids sort the pirate piggies into boats. Here, kids must put 2 blue piggies into each of the blue boats and 2 purple piggies into the purple boat.


Help Momma Bugga Bugga get her babies back into the buggy. Kids will need to put them in the correct number-labeled seats.


Children add colors to each picture according to numbers.


Kids earn printable pages. These are found in the treasure chest.


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Dora the Explorer: Lost City Adventure



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For Windows/Mac By: Infogrames  Ages 4-6 Published: 2002







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Dora the Explorer
Dora the Explorer
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