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More Screenshots:    Baby Einstein: Baby Newton Fun With Shapes

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The main menu of the program shows the game's star (the lion!) and offers players the choice of interactive shape lessons, a vocabulary book, or an interactive screen.  In the circle lesson, a hard-to-miss, bold and colorful circle is shown and named. Different circle-shaped objects are demonstrated as well. 


A ball is just one of the many animations used to demonstrate a circle. It bounces away (complete with sound effects) before the next demonstrative scene appears. The scenes are very colorful, striking, and bold!


Note the Baby Einstein face in the bottom right corner. The arrow will fill with color when it's hovering over this icon--a signal to move forward to the next scene. (A tap on the spacebar will also do the trick). 
Photo-realistic objects are also used to demonstrate how shapes are found in the real world. A triangle of cheese in the triangle lesson, a cracker in the square sequence, and so forth.


Parents can have a great time loading baby's favorite pictures into the program. They can load pictures of any familiar object that is shaped like a square, rectangle, circle, or triangle, and it will appear in the appropriate activity!

This is a special feature of the program - any personal photo (of Mom, Dad, pet, etc.) can be loaded in the Heart activity. We labeled this picture "cat", and the narrator actually spoke it in the sequence. Very fun!



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Baby Einstein Baby Newton Fun with Shapes  



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For Windows By: Disney Interactive  Ages 1-2 Published: 2003


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