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Barbie Mermaid Pictures

Barbie Mermaid Pictures

As children explore the different areas of the ocean, they look for musicians to invite to the celebration. 

This simple activity involves pairing fish with their matching partners.



Children lead Barbie through one of the three different parts of the ocean, looking for jewels, musicians, and activities that will help lead them to the rainbow dolphins.


This Pong-like game is virtually errorless. Barbie offers unlimited balls for children to use as they try to clear a wall and free a whale.



The main screen allows children to choose one of three areas of the ocean to explore, or head to the celebration. When children find a rainbow dolphin in an area, the dolphin appears over the arch of that area.


Once all of the musicians and the three rainbow dolphins have been found, kids can choose the music for the celebration by placing musicians on the stage.


The jewels kids have collected in the jewelry mazes appear in this activity. Children simply decorate Barbie's jewelry with various jewels.


The celebration finally takes place! Kids sit back and watch the musicians, the school of fish, Whisper the Whale, the rainbow dolphins, and (of course) Mermaid Barbie, dance.



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Barbie - Swan Lake
Barbie - Swan Lake
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