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Our Recommended Age: Ages 3-5

Our Rating: A

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The Doodle activity pictured above involves guessing what Doodle is drawing. Kids select an image as their guess. If they don't get it right the first time, Doodle keeps on drawing.

Whenever kids find Polka Dot's hiding place, they win a puzzle piece which they position on the puzzle board.

Children select items, such as a pink flamingo or cupcake, in order to complete a dress-up story of pretend.

Roar E. Saurus boogies along to the music, and kids make him freeze with a click of the mouse when the jukebox calls out the word "woogie". They can change the dinosaur's dance steps and the tune by clicking on the blocks.

Blue talks to kids throughout the game, offering words of encouragement, instructions, and congratulations.


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Reviewed: May 2005

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Blue's Room: Blue Talks

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