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Kristy's Favorites

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As a kid tester for, eleven-year-old Kristen has a chance to sample plenty of software, new and old. We've compiled the following list of her favorites, including some that she has favored over many of the new games she helps test. 

Kristy is a logical thinker who loves a challenge. She enjoys free-play programs occasionally, but prefers programs that involve some kind of strategy.  




Animal Crossing (Game Cube)

There is nothing quite like Animal Crossing. It's a very unique simulation that involves building a village with human-like (and adorable) animals. Kristy named her animal "Mystic", and she lives in a village along with her brother and sister's animal characters too! She needs to work, go fishing, make money (bells), buy items for her house, and so forth. With the GameCube/GameBoy Advance link cable, Kristy can take her "virtual pet" over to an island and meet a new friend. This game changes constantly, and the "real-time clock" adds a wonderful dimension to gameplay. The social aspect of the game (for example, Kristy can send presents to her sister's character to help her out) is a hit. 

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Potion Commotion (Game Boy Advance)

This video game for the GameBoy Advance is probably just right for an 8 year old like Kristy. It's comfortably challenging--neither too easy nor too hard. Kristy leads Sabrina through her house, the kitchen, a magic tree, and the school in an adventure that involves earning and casting spells. 

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Moop & Dreadly: The Treasure on Bing Bong Island

This fun CD-ROM has totally captured the attention of Kristy. It marks the start of a new series by the creators of Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, and Backyard Sports lines. Moop and Dreadly are on a hunt for treasure, and kids have to help them solve all sorts of problems along the way. The game is broken up into chapters, and this CD-ROM features 6 of them. The story line is fantastic, and the level of challenge is ideal for 7-9 year olds. Amazing game!

Buy Moop and Dreadly: The Treasure on Bing... at

Barbie Pet Rescue


Kristy loves the fantastic graphics in this adventure game. This title is one of the more worthwhile Barbie games on the market. In it, children help Barbie find and rescue a number of pets, then groom and care for them in the pet center. The pets are extraordinarily realistic and the rescue sequences are just the right challenge to entertain and engage Kristen.

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Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

A classic that Kristen has enjoyed for years, this logical thinking adventure is actually designed for children ages 9 and up. However, many of its puzzles on the lower levels are appropriate for younger kids. As well, the ability to play the game in practice mode makes it easy to play games that are manageable. Kristen is enjoying the updated program that has just been released. 

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