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coverOur Review: We have been thrilled with the Encarta Encyclopedia for years, and with the 2005 edition, bowled over. Now including a new feature, Encarta Kids, this Reference Library is dazzling, useful, and engaging for all members of the family.

With Microsoft Encarta Reference Library Premium 2005, parents can feel confident that their children and teens are finding relevant, authoritative information for their projects and general knowledge. And, parents can of course rely on the suite as well! ... Read the full review.

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coverOur Review: The trademark I Spy riddles and lush images come alive in I Spy CD-ROMs, and this latest release, I Spy Fantasy, is jam-packed with things to do and to see. Fortunately, the game is as rich in educational value as it is rich with visual stimuli.  

Kids go on a search for "two grapes that are loose", a question mark, a starry face, a jar full of eyes, a scroll that's rolled, and other such goodies, in this exciting program that exercises children's observation and problem-solving skills. From the main screen, children choose one of three separate adventures: Deep Blue Sea Adventure, Blast Off Adventure, or Sand Castle Adventure. Each area contains different screens to explore and six riddle screens such as the ones pictured above and below. After finding all of the objects on any given riddle screen, kids earn an important object. Depending on the adventure area, they receive a page from a Mermaid's Book, a key to a dungeon, or a fuel crystal for a Space Ship. When kids, for example, find all six pages of the Mermaid's Book, they can then search for sunken treasure... Read the full review.

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coverOur Review: Zoo Tycoon Complete

Microsoft Zoo Tycoon is an outstanding simulation software for kids. Children can build their very own zoo, but they use their brains as they do. They are managers as well, and they learn quite a bit about animals as they play. 

Why do we recommend this title? This CD-ROM strikes an excellent balance between fun and learning. Although not explicitly educational, this program is excellent for developing thinking skills. Expansion packs for the game have been released since Zoo Tycoon was first on the market. Now all of these are included in the recently-released Microsoft Zoo Tycoon Complete. This new title contains the original Zoo Tycoon, Dinosaur Digs Expansion Pack, and Marine Mania Expansion Pack, as well as some all-new content, including the new Endangered Species Theme Pack. This is a fabulous game that kids love! 

Who is it for? Best for children who enjoy simulation software games, ages 8-12.

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coverOur Review: Easy to use probably best sums up the new Barbie CD-ROM, Barbie Mermaid Adventure. Best for younger fans of the ubiquitous doll, this computer game features undersea mazes, pong-like games, and assorted just-for-fun activities.  

The magic shell has lost its light, just when Barbie and her undersea buddies are getting ready for a celebration. Legend has it that finding three rainbow dolphins will restore the light to the shell. Children need to help Barbie and her seahorse friend, Samika, find the dolphins. At the same time, they will have to invite musicians to the celebration and collect decorations...Read our full review.

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Buy Mermaid Barbie Adventure



coverOur Review: The Lion King Classic Game Collection, a 3 CD-ROM bundle of "classic" Lion King games, is actually a great deal. One of our favorite children's typing programs is included: Adventures in Typing with Timon & Pumbaa is great for kids ages 7 and up. It gets children practicing a rather crucial skill in today's world of technological savvy. The game reinforces and teaches the all-important finger placement rules, as well as such things as editing mistakes and both speed and accuracy are honed as kids play arcade-style games. Two other just-for-fun CD-ROMs are also included: Disney's Active Play, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride and Pumbaa's Jungle Games.

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Buy Lion King Classic Collection



coverOur Review: As far as software goes, a new Scholastic Dr. Seuss bundle of previously-released Dr. Seuss software games is now available. This package includes 3 Dr. Seuss programs: Dr. Seuss ABC, The Cat in the Hat, and Green Eggs & Ham, and is entitled Adventure Workshop Grades Preschool-1st Dr. Seuss. Each interactive storybook features "clickable" words that are fantastic for beginning readers--kids can try to read individual words of the text and receive instant feedback. The software is charming for Dr. Seuss fans. If purchased separately, families may be disappointed in terms of the amount of content, simply because these titles were released quite a few years ago. However, as a bundle, the package is well worth the price.  

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Buy Adventure Workshop Grades Preschool-1st...


coverOur Review: Anyone familiar with the Backyard series of sports simulations for kids will be delighted with this offering: Backyard Hockey. Those new to the exceptional series will find this latest title a wonderful introduction. The program features an assorted group of animated kids to choose from, and even stars all 30 NHL teams and pro players appearing as animated kids. Children can play a pick-up game or work through an entire season. This is an excellent introduction to the sport and helps children learn the value of teamwork as well as the benefits of strategy. 

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coverOur Review: Nancy Drew CD-ROMs: In these detailed and engrossing mystery-adventure software games, children ages 12 and up get the opportunity to step into teen sleuth Nancy Drew's shoes as she investigates such things as a disturbing theft at a museum. She interviews mysterious characters, solves plenty of logic puzzles, and more. The latest Nancy Drew CD-ROMs are exciting, challenging, and involving. Kids will relish the chance to play detective. 

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Buy Nancy Drew: The Final Scene




coverOur Review: Remember the mini cliffhangers at the end of each and every chapter of Nancy Drew books? They ensured young readers would keep turning the pages. This software title, Nancy Drew Treasure in the Royal Tower, has a similar effect, except with this fourth mystery adventure in the Nancy Drew CD-ROM series, you won't want to stop clicking.

Players take on the role of Nancy Drew, a teen detective determined to get to the bottom of the mysterious happenings in an old castle in Wisconsin. She found herself in the elegant castle with a ski vacation in mind, but a blizzard has left her snowbound. The unusual occupants all seem to be hiding something, but what? Time for some detective work! ... Read our full review.

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Buy Nancy Drew Treasure In The Royal Tower


coverOur Review: Aimed at children in early elementary, this program stars a courageous young girl who sets out on imaginary adventures in outer space. Arcade-style activities are included, but most games require some thinking skills, incorporating sequencing, problem-solving, and spatial relation skills. The story line is cute and the graphics are cartoony. 

Bargain price!

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Buy Starflyers Alien Space Chase



coverMavis Beacon Teaches Typing 15





Barbie As Rapunzel: A Creative Adventure


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Ebay is a great place to find deals, hard-to-find items, new and used products, and so forth. Many sellers accept Paypal payments, which means you can use a major credit card safely. A fantastic new option, called Buy It Now, is in place for many sales--this means that if you prefer not to take part in an auction, there are plenty of opportunities to simply buy products immediately (sellers set a price). Run a search for a specific product on eBay, such as "Hamtaro" or "Beyblades" and have a look at what turns up:

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