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January 2003


Cute Kitty

A new CD-ROM game starring Hello Kitty has been released: Hello Kitty Cutie World features 8 activities. Kids can play Mahjongg, make treats at the ice cream shop, go on a ride in a hot air balloon, play a memory matching game, and more -- all along with their favorite cat, the always-popular Hello Kitty. 

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Hello Kitty Cutie World at]

Harry Potter Uncovers the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is available on plenty of gaming platforms, including CD-ROM, Nintendo's GameCube, PlayStation2, and more. These games are visual treats, and are really quite fun. Although not without its challenges, this game is rather easy to "beat", but kids will have a great time working their magic through level after level of fun. 

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at]


December 2002

Employee of the Month

SpongeBob SquarePants has been honored with an Employee of the Month award from the Krusty Krab--for the 27th consecutive month. With this "distinction", Spongebob wins tickets to Neptune's Paradise, an underwater amusement park. The challenge, however, is getting there. Kids need to gather clues as they move through some wacky environments in Spongebob Squarepants Employee of the Month. This title earned our rating of "A-". Find out why in our review

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the... at]

Search for the Herd

In Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron: Forever Free, children take on the role of Spirit in a search of the herd. Based on the animated film, this title involves finding Rain and nursing her back to health and searching for the herd to return them safely back to the Homeland. Fans of the movies will love the roleplaying in this title. We will have a full review shortly.

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron at]


Building with Bob

An all-new Bob the Builder CD-ROM has been released: Bob the Builder Bob Builds a Park. Players participate in ten activities as they design a park. Children fix a skateboard ramp, build a squirrel run, make music, play golf, build dinosaur skeletons and more. They even get to "design" a park by adding objects to the grounds. We've rated this game "B+"--found out why by reading our review. See pictures from the game in our screenshot gallery.

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Bob the Builder: Bob Builds a Park at]

Electronic Scrabble

This latest version of Scrabble, called Scrabble Complete, includes a bonus CD-ROM in the box, Boggle CD-ROM. Players vie against Maven, the computer opponent, in the classic game of Scrabble and they can also take part in variations. 

The program's included mini-games actually help players improve their game--they're exciting and educational. We loved the last edition of Scrabble CD-ROM, and we now have a full review of this newest edition.

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Scrabble Complete at]


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