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Favorite Characters:    Jack-Jack of The Incredibles - Pictures


Jack-Jack Pictures


Jack Jack of The Incredibles Pictures

Although Jack Jack appeared only occasionally in the Incredibles movie, most kids I know were completely taken by the baby. Perhaps it was because Jack Jack did in fact play a big role in the movie despite his brief appearances. More probably, it's because Jack Jack is just so cute.

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The Incredibles Jabberin' Jack Jack

The Jabberin' Jack Jack toy is as sweet as can be. Place a soother in his mouth, and he makes cute baby noises (very realistic). Take it out, and he becomes cranky!


More Jack-Jack Pictures:


Jack-Jack Pictures

Jack Jack Pictures

Jack Jack Picture

Jack-Jack Attack is a bonus short film included on the The Incredibles (Full Screen 2-Disc Collector's Edition). In the main feature, a babysitter looks after Jack-Jack while the rest of the Incredibles family takes care of business. Viewers get the idea that Jack-Jack caused the babysitter plenty of concern and trouble, but they don't get to see exactly what Jack-Jack did—that is, until now. Jack-Jack Attack features the hilarious and wild antics of the baby, and our kid testers loved it.


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